Posted by: edevolution | April 6, 2011

April 6

Today, we got the bad news that our camera would most likely not arrive until after we were out of school. Although we already got the first shots, those are not usable because their quality is not up to the standards of the internet. Unless something is done, our project will have to be cancelled. All the work we did to plan and come up with the video will have been for nothing. I really hope we can find a solution to this problem soon. Even if we do get a camera before the year is over, we would still need to film and edit, which could take a considerable amount of time.




  1. Production logistics are always so mind-boggling! I like how you objectively and plainly stated the problem, and then stated you are seeking a solution to it. It sounds to me as if your next step was to come up with a Plan B in the event things didn’t work out as planned initially.

    I like the way you are thinking strategically, as demonstrated by this blog entry.

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