Posted by: edevolution | March 28, 2011

March 28

As of right now we are waiting for a new camera to arrive. Once we get it, we will start shooting every scene again. The camera is the only thing holding us back now, since we already made a schedule of what we are going to do once we get it.

This project is the coolest thing I have done in school. If we suceed in what we are trying to do, schools all over the United States could change for the better. This project taught me that you do not have to be old to make a change.This is more than just a school project.




  1. I think you’re right when you say ‘this is more than a school project.’

    Imagine if every student made a video of their school lives, right now. What woud it look like?

    Imagine if you edited all those videos together, and then interspliced with the collaborative project learning you just experienced by making the video.

    Don’t you think that would show these points?

    — that collaborative learning is more fun, quicker and more effective for every learner
    — that self-generated interest is key to motivating learners
    — that students should have a say in their educational curriculum
    — that students should have a say in their educational processes
    — that students should have a say in the projects they undertake

    I think anything you want to express — or nothing at all — is every student’s right.

    And I think it’s amazing that you’re all changing the world like this.

    Thank you!

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