Posted by: edevolution | March 21, 2011

March 21

Our project is really beginning to come along every day. Even in our mini-groups you can see so much progression… I just hope that teachers even around the world get to see our new classroom. It’s necessary for adults to listen to what the kids want, even if it’s in some way “unreasonable”, because real change doesn’t take much. Even if it isn’t the exact way our class wants it, there needs to be a change. People might not consider what we really want because we’re just kids, but it’s really us that controls the education system. If we want to learn, we will. If we don’t want to, we don’t have to. It’s easy as that. It really gives students the power to learn the easiest way possible and get a good education. School could be so much more comfortable and enjoyable.

The only thing most of us were worried about is people seeing what we have to say, but our confidence in this project grows every day we work on it. If this gets big, who knows what school will be like in the future?




  1. Your point that learning is based exclusively on individual motivation is definitely an insight that needs to be considered by every adult in a position to change the educational system who is reading these posts. j

    When the architecture and school attendance policy combine to defeat project-based learning, education in this country continues to suffer.

    I think you have all made fantastic impacts on the world by writing what you have and I beg you all to keep writing more and more all the time, and publish it only through your teachers and parents looking at it first to keep yourselves safe on the internet.

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