Posted by: edevolution | March 9, 2011

March 9

Today we set up two different classrooms, using older versions of student desks and chairs. Our construction of the different rooms showed a large contrast of what was classified as acceptable for learning area of different time periods. The message we are trying to send has slowly taken on a new meaning than our original intent and the varying classrooms seem to show a metaphor from then and now. We were aiming for something entirely different that eventually turned into something even better than before. Even students in middle school are beginning to see the problem of education and what needs to be improved. We’re children yet we are already trying to improve the conditions we have dealt with for centuries. Our technology is outdated, classroom structure is forming different atmospheres, and students may think far more ahead than the grade they’re in. This project has become something personal for us and this is our big chance to bring full awareness to these problems and solutions to fix them. Things can be changed and it’s time everyone stop talking about it and actually do something.




  1. I like the way you describe an evolving process. Sometimes excellence requires changing the original plan when something else better comes along. Sometimes it requires sticking to the plan. The process of the group is important, and the group’s affect often effects outcome.

    You did change the world by creating and posting that video.

    I hope you are all going to do a summer project now that the video is finished.

    Great work, what you all did.


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