Posted by: edevolution | March 7, 2011

March 7

This project we are doing is amazing.  In school it’s difficult to get together and do such a huge project, so this is really the first time that any of us in this class have ever done something like this.  Through this project we are learning how to overcome problems and to work together.  In the real world you don’t always get along with everyone, so in this project we do have disagreements, but we learn how to get over them and solve the problem faster.  All of us hope that our message will be delivered clearly and the world will do something about today’s problems with the education system.


  1. You so beautifully illustrate why collaborative learning works. Any ego disagreements are tossed out the door when everybody focuses on achieving the goal. How very cool that you all get to learn this now, at your age! Some adults never learn this fact of group dynamics: we work best collaboratively when we work collaboratively. Disagreements which create factions are not conducive to collaboration, and therefore are not conducive to reaching an end goal.

    Wow. Loved what you wrote! Thanks for saying what you did about the collaborative learning process being a socializing process, too.

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