Posted by: edevolution | March 4, 2011

March 4

This is probably the first school project I have ever done that has actually had an effect outside of the classroom. I am very excited about being able to broadcast a message to the world, especially about something that I really care about and affects me every day. We as kids in middle school are showing that we know what the problem is and have a reasonable solution. I think that will get people’s attention. Quite honestly, I’m tired of being disregarded because of my age whenever I try to make a point or propose a solution to a problem. Being young does not mean that we are oblivious to the world around us. We are in the problem, we are the experts on this issue, more so than someone with a PhD in education. The adults endlessly debating how to fix education are not listening to those that experience the issue daily.This is our chance to tell them what we think. I believe that if we can accomplish everything we planned to do, our message will be noticed.


  1. Your message is more than noticed. I took it to heart.

    I have been advocating for 20 years that students should be the ones for whom education is designed. Since we are social animals, we human beings learn best collaboratively. We are naturally curious and, as A.S.Neill of Summerhill fame illustrates, children will learn what is needed when it is needed if they are adequately motivated, and have resources and time.

    I always thought a child’s voice should be heard. I think anything you think or say is important and should be considered with the same respect as anyone else’s, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, country of origin, gender preference, ethnicity, or anything else.

    Like you, I think everyone with a voice has the basic human right to speak. And those who cannot speak for themselves have a right to have others speak on their behalf. That, at least, was the theory of Justice William O. Douglas when he said that the Sierra Club had standing (i.e. ‘the right’) to sue a defendant on behalf of California Redwood Trees, which were being somehow threatened. The defendant said that Redwood Trees were not allowed to have the right to use the judicial process, but in a beautiful statement about the nature of life, The Honorable Douglas wrote a masterpiece which I commend to you. I think you will love what he wrote as much as I do.

    Good luck in everything and please keep on keeping on!

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