Posted by: edevolution | March 2, 2011

March 2

It’s official on our new message. We are going to be preaching and persuading about the downfalls of the education system and how to (potentially) fix it. Our main concern is based on whether or not we should continue with some of the “non verbal” messages or other methods that we believe could potentially work. My group – conclusion – is doing very well and feels that our part of the message could have a big impact. I feel that we are making a land mark on middle school accomplishments and could potentially make history. Of course these changes would not come into effect untill I am out of college and maybe even after that. But we believe that this is the first spark to the fire that is about to ignite.




  1. It’s happened already: I think you had the galvanizing effect you wanted in order to make a change in our educational system. Sometimes the impact from an information explosion isn’t felt immediately, but I do believe that there are very important people who can make a difference, who will see your video.

    Thank you for all the work you all put into it. Your conclusion that collaborative learning using technology is one I fully support.

    I most of all love the collaborative voice used to create and produce such compelling advocacy. Your video is as persuasive as the best of Madison Avenue, IMHO.

    Thanks for making it.

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