Posted by: edevolution | February 23, 2011

February 23

The plans for the video are starting to become clear. I’m finally beginning to understand all the topics/sections of this group and how they are interconnected with one another. Each group is finalizing how they present their ideas and making sure that it’s unique and abstract, but still easily understood as to what it has to do with the section/topic.

We honestly don’t know what will happen to this video after being posted or if anything will happen at all. What we do know is that we do need change in our education, and that’s what this is all about.




  1. As you understand the sequencing of all the images and topics of the video, you are understanding the work of a film director and screenwriter. Sequencing is one key to creating a great story regardless of media (visual images, text, audio).

    That you kept the whole picture in your mind while focusing on disparate parts indicates to me that you might enjoy the work of coordinating sequences, either by writing, producing, or directing work that motivates you.

    Good luck! And thank you so much for letting us all see the process you all undertook while creating the video. By demonstrating through its creation the value of collaborative learning projects, I believe you’ve demonstrated how and why to change education. I think you created a model that the rest of the country can and should follow.

    Thank you all so much for guiding the rest of us!

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