Posted by: edevolution | February 16, 2011

February 16

I am really excited for this project to get rolling. When our teacher Mr. Fletcher first said the idea, I was a little skeptical about being able to make it work, but seeing how hard the rest of the class is working, I think this video is going to turn out really well. We divided up the class so that each group had a different topic to focus on in the video. We had to make a script/screenplay and choose music to go along with our clip. I am confident that this project will go viral!




  1. I’m delighted everybody overcame their initial skepticism to give the project of creating a video to answer the question ‘What’s wrong with the schools today?’ a try.

    I only hope our country will overcome its skepticism and give all students every opportunity and the necessary technology to learn through collaborative, project-based education.

    I think you’ve all done a marvelous job collaborating to create a persuasive argument for why project-based learning is superior.

    Thank you very much for making such a video, and for having the courage, classs, teacher, school, school district, parents and village behind you that supports such an endeavor.

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