Posted by: edevolution | February 7, 2011

February 7

Today, we continued to split up into our groups and discussed our ideas for the portions of the video we were given. The video has come a long way in just a few short weeks and I believe it will make a big impact into the view of education.

I think that this project is the most interesting and interactive project I have ever had. It has allowed the class to learn skills to reach beyond what we would learn on an average curriculum day. I, among many other students, do not appreciate being discriminated because of our age. Many child minds exceed the norm, and therefore strive for knowledge on their own. I believe that this project itself will show the nation and the world that if education is changed, then this prejudice will stop and the world will begin to take on a new form. 




  1. I am so moved by your class working together to change the world. I am so moved that you dared to speak your minds and publish your thoughts. I am so moved that your teacher encouraged you to think for yourselves and to express your thoughts. I am so thrilled that you figured out how to manage such a large project and that you each took parts of it while always understanding the big picture. I am so excited that you came to social understandings about how to work together collaboratively and most effectively. I am delighted you used your minds to create a body of work which you can proudly point to and say “I helped make this so that we could change the world for the better.”

    Fact is, you all make me proud. I am glad you said what you think. I hope you never stop doing exactly that. And I know you have changed the world just by what you did as a class. Thank you.

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