Posted by: edevolution | January 29, 2011

January 29

This project seems like an incredibly cool idea. I never would have thought of middle schoolers trying to send a message to adults just because I’m used to the idea of adults who don’t know me personally not taking the time to listen. Most people don’t think middle schoolers are capable of such an achievement and by doing this we can show that kids aren’t worthless and we do know what we are talking about.

While we’ve decided what our focus is going to be, we have only begun assembling websites that would be helpful when we decide to spread our message.




  1. Somehow in the spreading of your message, it reached me. I wanted to respond to each of you to thank you for what you have done. I consider this video to be a momentous and great accomplishment because I don’t think kids have ever before started an education revolution.

    I am hoping that your class message that collaborative, project-based learning is necessary for quality education today is one which meets happy eyes and ears all over the country and all over the world.

    And I’m hoping that all those happy eyes and ears take action to implement project-based learning so that all students can meet state learning standards efficiently and at less cost. Our education system can certainly be improved by listening to the voices of those directly impacted.

    Thank you for letting us all know the truth as you see it. Keep on doing this and you will probably find you are contributing and improving the world as you see it because people listen to good ideas such as those presented in your video. I know I do.

    Thank you all for making such an eloquent and current uniquely American documentation of your learning experiences, and for having the optimism to give us solutions. I only hope the adults reading this will immediately begin to implement the suggestions you provide.

    Thank you.

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